You can use pre-employment tests, circumstantial interview questions, real job previews, and role-modeling to rental force who want to use cooperation and teamwork.

Warning: Many jobs do not requirement teamwork-oriented workers. Our social group greatly belief "teamwork." Also, many another leaders are teamwork-oriented, so they mistakenly imagine they should hire organization who admiration relationship.

So, find out which jobs in your company truly impose collaborative employees. Some jobs do not.

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For example, in our pre-employment experiment investigation at numerous banks, super Tellers normally evaluation exalted on a test's Teamwork go up. But, the banks' made Bookkeepers valuation low on the pre-hire test's Teamwork mount.

Lesson to facilitate you: Use state tests to objectively find which jobs really could do with teamwork-oriented employees.

Now, let's turn over into numerous intense ways to back you engage teamwork-oriented workers.

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Your quickest and last damage attitude to review alliance in a job competitor is pre-employment experimentation. Start by administration a "Benchmarking Study" in which you mental test customary human resources. Pay exceptional awareness to true exam lots of self-made organization in respectively job. Then, you may provide pre-hire tests to job applicants, and like applicants who get trial oodles alike to your delighted employees - positive likewise do resourcefully on other than prediction methods.

Here are employment mental measurement scales that oblige you judge an applicant's teamwork-orientation:

Teamwork try-out scale

Friendliness tryout scale

Helping People Motivation test scale


The subsequent technique you can use is the job interrogatory. If association proves key for happening in a job, later generate certain you ask questions to bring to light how teamwork-oriented the claimant is.

Here are examples of specified unrestricted questions:

* "What were 3 gratifying projects or tasks you worked on?"

* "Tell me active iii projects or tasks you disliked doing?"

After you ask each question, perceive to how so much the job entrant mentions group effort. Applicants who are

- teamwork-oriented will depict suitable tasks involving in working condition next to people

- not teamwork-oriented will say gratifying tasks land exploitable alone


If a job politico does ably on your pre-employment tests and job interviews, past you can do a natural job trailer (RJP). This shows what it in actuality is resembling to pursue in the job. An RJP involves the petitioner costs a half-day or full-day incidental to an member of staff to survey the job if truth be told person finished.

The RJP serves iii purposes. First, a job applier shows a little something in the job by agreeing to advance four to viii work time observant. Second, your hand can unearth valued insights roughly speaking the candidate. Third, research shows applicants exploit an RJP are (a) smaller amount likely to accept a job offer but (b) if they do accept, little possible to turnover.

Make certain the nominee sees the group effort needed to perform the job. Keenly watch the applicant's allergic reaction to sought after group effort.


If cooperation is requisite to accomplish a distinctive job, afterwards the checker must be a group effort duty prototype. Then, personnel swot up how to act on-the-job.

So, if a job requires teamwork, but the overseer does peaked at teamwork, then you either entail to

A. support the officer grow cooperation skills

B. replace the governor next to somebody whose powerful be suitable for is teamwork


If you use pre-employment tryout benchmarking or different way to see if a job truly requires teamwork, later you can engage collaborative people by doing the following:

1. Pre-Employment Tests - see if applicant's test lots are like-minded your optimum employees' scores

2. Job Interview - listen to clarification almost utilizable beside people

3. Realistic Job Preview - brainwave out applicant's reactions to group effort required to on-the-job

4. Role Model - evidence assistance so your workforce to acquire by observation you

Why would you bet your craft or your company's success? If a special job requires teamwork-oriented employees, consequently you promptly can use these iv methods to engage job applicants who excel at valid next to inhabitants.

© Copyright 2007 Michael Mercer, Ph.D.



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